Best Sports Headphones to buy in 2014

29th May 2013 | 10:55

Best Sports Headphones to buy in 2014
Pioneer SE-D10E STEEZ

Nailing sports ’phones– not literally, that would be uncomfortable – these Pioneers sound great, and are sweat and impact resistant. A good fit and great sound are big things that Pioneer gets right here, but the little details - such as the small lengths of coil under the earpieces - are what puts the SE-D10s ahead of the pack.

Price: £60 | Pioneer

This is from "101 gadgets you can't live without" in issue 220 of T3 Magazine. To see the full list get a digital or print copy here.

Best Sports Headphones to buy in 2014
Monster iSport Victory

Yes, these are pricey, but in our view you get enough features to warrant the extra investment. The tangle-free cord actually lives up to its billing – many don’t – and while the sportclip design has been modified from the previous model, it still offers a secure fit even when worn under a cycling helmet*. Sound is even better than before, keeping the excellent noise isolation and deep, intense bass of yore, but with added detail and clarity. Last but not least, with a hygienic, anti-microbial coating and sealed housing, they’re easy to keep clean and sweat free.

T3 Says: These great sports ’phones live up to their steep price.

Price: £130 | Monstercable

Best Sports Headphones to buy in 2014
Pioneer SE-E721

Pioneer’s “skull fit” design lives up to its billing: these ear-hooked ’phones clamp around your ears with no intention of letting go until you’re ready to take them off, yet are comfortable at the same time. The adjustable buds mean you have control on the fit and the amount of sound that fills your eardrums. the 9mm speaker units produce a supremely bassy sound, making them ideal for up-tempo workout music. They’ve been designed with extreme sports enthusiasts in mind – hence the rugged build and suction-like grip – but they’re also suitable for a jog around the park.

T3 Says: Adhesive and bassy, these are great for adrenaline junkies.

Price: £40 | Pioneer

Best Sports Headphones to buy in 2014
Sony XBA-S65

On these excellent buds lasso-style hangers adjust around your ears. Along with a choice of four sizes of silicone bud, this provides a secure fit during intense running seshes. Weighing just 10g, they’re barely noticeable in your lugs, although part of the reason they’re so light is that there’s no remote control included. The narrow earpieces use armature drivers instead of dynamic drivers, producing a crisp, clear sound with strong vocals and bass that doesn’t distort even at higher volume levels. Some of the best sounding sports headphones around.

T3 Says: Sporty headphones with high quality sound – result!

Price: £79 | Sony

Best Sports Headphones to buy in 2014
Sennheiser Adidas PMX 685i

We were big fans of Sennheiser and Adidas’ neckband-style PMX 680 in-ears, so with a slimmer frame and remote this update feels even lighter as well as being easier to use under a cycling helmet*. Despite the streamlined look, it still feels very durable. As the remote is connected to the left side of the headphones, you might notice a bit of a pull if you thread them underneath a jacket, but the buds do stay put. On the sound front it’s the same 120dBs of power as before, but the frequency response has improved, giving a richer, more detailed sound. The bass remains lacking, though.

T3 Says: Slimmer and better sounding follow-up to the 680i.

Price: £60 | Sennheiser

*We don’t recommend cycling with earphones in but hey, they’re your brains

Best Sports Headphones to buy in 2014
Yurbuds Inspire Duro

Using “TwistLock” technology Yurbud claims these will not fall out and, after testing, we couldn’t argue with that, though the fit doesn’t always feel secure, which can be a tad off-putting. The shape of the flexible buds apparently means they “avoid nerve-rich areas” – so that’s good – but their sticky, silicone surface picks up scum like nobody’s business. However, a quick wash under a tap cleans them. Unlike many of its rivals, the Yurbuds let in ambient noise, which is good if you like to know what’s going on around you. However, the trade-off is that the audio can lack vibrancy.

T3 Says: Good if you favour safety over audio fidelity.

Price: £50 | Yurbuds

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