In-app purchases: Most expensive ever

1st Mar 2013 | 10:30

In-app purchases: Most expensive ever
Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?

Diamond chisel, £47,000

The first release from renowned but controversial game designer Peter Molyneux has every player focused on the same objective – chipping away at a black cube to get to its unknown contents. as the box breaks up it releases a number of in-app purchases including the chisel, the owner of which is almost guaranteed to deliver the final blow and claim the mysterious prize.

In-app purchases: Most expensive ever
Gun Bros

The Kraken, £306

“If annihilation had a portrait, it would be of you, holding this gun” is how the Gun Bros armoury describes this in-app purchase. however, to get your hands on the most powerful weapon in the game costs 3499 of in-game currency (“War Bucks”), which converts to just over £300 in real money.

In-app purchases: Most expensive ever
Rage of Bahamut

Chest of Rage Medals, £69.99

The first game to top the highest grossing charts simultaneously for both android and iOS platforms was estimated to be making around £5 million per month through its IAPs. Not surprising when it was reported that one player in the Us spent over £1,900 in one month on medal chests.

In-app purchases: Most expensive ever
Smurfs' Village

A Wagon of Smurfberries, £69.99

Capcom's smurftastic iOS game tasks you with rebuilding Smurf Village after Gargamel scatters the Smurfs far and wide. Presumably Gargamel also controls the banks, as a wagon of smurfberries - which helps grow your village and crops - costs a whopping seventy Queen's heads.

In-app purchases: Most expensive ever

50K Gigawatt pack, £30.99

An update to the popular word-building game meant players could buy “Gigawatts” in-app, which could be used to “supercharge” words. Longtime players were furious as they began to be consistently beaten by those prepared to pay rather than just play.

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